HABPanel: Change dashboard item is not updated

I added an item

String HabPanelDashboardName

that I can use to change the HABPanel dahboard. E.g. I have defined 3 Dashboards

  • Security
  • Hardware
  • House

But there are two - related problems

  • The item is not updated when the dashboard is changed via HABPanel
  • The second time I write to the item HabPanelDashboardName nothing happens
    • only when I write some not existing value e.g. Security1to the item HabPanelDashboardNameI can change the dashboard again

So the idea is that the item that is used for changing the dashboad is actually updated when the dashboard is changed. This way just writing the intended dashboard name once - after it was changed via HABPanel - the dashboard is changed.

@ysc, see above

That is a good idea, openHAB would know what panel is in use

Looks like a bug

Yes that’s reasonable, I had the same idea a while ago but it was never implemented.

That’s because it reacts only to changes, not state updates. For now the workaround to get it working everytime is to change it first to a random or empty value, then the desired value.

Hi @vzorglub and @ysc,

that sounds like I can expect a change at some point of time.

Thanks a lot. I’ll wait for the solution.

I tried to get the idea of the JAVA environment in OpenHAB, but it will till take a while for me to do some useful changes.