HABpanel chart resizes itself and goes larger and larger


I have a weird situation where all my chart widgets in my HABpanel goes larger and larger.

When I load the page the chart widget looks like this:

After waiting a minute it looks like this:

What I already tried:

  • Create a new dashboard
  • Resize the widget size
  • Change the widget axes
  • Add and remove a serie
  • Checked the web console: no issues or log entries

The issue occurs on all my devices:

  • Windows 10: Firefox 61, Chrome 68
  • iOS: iPad Pro w/ Safari

Any ideas?

Strange! Never experienced this, it seems you have added additional CSS, can you try removing it temporarily to see if it still happens without it?

Yannick, you are brilliant! Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

I removed my whole custom CSS and it was fixed.
I have to analyze which CSS code exactly leads to this issue and then I will post the solution here.

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Hi, having the same problem. Did You find the reason? Thanks, L

Hi Lukas

I deleted my whole custom CSS and created it from scratch.
There was an issue in the CSS but I couldn’t find what exactly caused it.
What was very helpful for me was to use the webbrowser’s console which logged the issue.