Habpanel - compatibility of themes with Safari

Hi there,

I am using Habpanel and I am VERY happy.
So, thank you very much to @ysc for this excellent dashboard.

On Safari (iphone 7 plus) it’s working great.
I have posted a link to my homescreen with habpanel and it works with transparent theme since quite a while.

When I open habpanel on Safari itself and configure it, it says that it is not compatible with themes even if it seems to be working flawlessly.

Is there any option to make Habpanel ignore the web browser it’s running on?
Thanks again for this great UI!

Thanks for reporting this: to ease up theming @kubawolanin did a terrific job with CSS variables but those aren’t supported by older browsers, therefore we had to put some detection mechanism in place to make the sure the variables were understood by the browser and display a warning if they weren’t.

According to http://caniuse.com/css-variables/embed CSS variables are supported since iOS Safari 9.3, if you’re using a supported version and get the message maybe the detection mechanism is not working properly. Unfortunately I don’t have an iOS device so I couldn’t test it thoroughly…

Thanks for the clarification.
I am using safari 10.0 (as far as I can see) which comes withthe latest iOS 10.3.3.
(Just updated yesterday)
And it is still not possible to change the theme.

What’s puzzling me is, that the pretty old link on my home screen does not show this behavior even though the new safari version is running in the background (I guess)

i have the same issue however if I am playing with styles, I change it on my PC and then it is honoured in safri - I just cant change it on the IPad