Habpanel custom icons not refreshed after editing

I just started to use custom icons in habpanel. I noticed that after editing the icon file it is not updated within habpanel. So far the only way I could get it refreshed was to rename it and update the button to use the new name. Browser refresh does not work.

It might be a browser issue, but I am not use about that (Chrome): when opening the panel in a new incognito session, the icon is displayed correctly (but this also involves selecting and reloading the dashboard)

Anyone here who experienced the same problem and knows a work around, which can be used during the design design phase ?

  • using incognito windows the first time is like clearing the browsers cache
  • clearing the browsers cache also will reload the icons
  • just using refresh takes images from the cache / memory
  • use shift+refresh to not get items from the browsers memory /cache
  • you can use Chromes Developer Tools to see if an items is taken from the cache or if it is taken from the web server

Thanks for the quick reply. I was not aware of shif+F5. It did the trick :grinning: The developer view might be helpfull as well with this kind of issues.