HabPanel - Custom schedule

I am trying to create a custom schedule in HabPanel that I can select from list of items in my house then select the time to switch ON or OFF.
This is an example of how I want to do it:

  • Schedule name
    a drop down list to select the schedule. (a pre-defined item to be used for scheduling)

  • Group name
    a drop down list to select the group name (i.e. Living room items)

once selected…

  • Table with four columns
    • First column will show a list of items for the selected group
    • Second column ON time
    • Third column OFF time
    • Fourth column to enable or disable the selection of item (if item enabled then schedule will apply of this item)

the rest I can do, I will write a function in node-red to check each schedule with items for scheduling.

Here is a good starting point for writing widgets in habpanel:

Have you seen this:

Thanks for your support and for reply.
unfortunately this is not what I am looking for. I will explain what I want as result to do in habpanel.

I want to create schedules for my home items. initially should be no schedule created, but if I used the habpanel I want to navigate to dashboard where I can click on “+” to add new schedule.
Let’s say it is schedule #1
then I should be able to select from the list of items that are already defined in OpenHab which I want to enable to work with this schedule.
For each item selected I want to select the command (ON, OFF)
Then select days and time to execute.
Last option is (enable or disable) the schedule.
[Optional] add in the log that state change in item happened because of the schedule executed.

This dashboard should give me the option to add unlimited of schedules in the OpenHab

Then get coding, my friend

so is it possible to create a script then attach it to habpanel?
if so, what is the way to do it?

thanks, I already read this and I am kind of lost. but I will go through this again

Possibly this might help as well