HabPanel Documentation

Hi guys,

Is actually anybody working on a proper HabPanel Documentation? I believe that this UI is absolutely great and there is so much potential left. Especially with Ideas like a Template Repository, ng- and so on.

But i also think to make this fly really it needs some good Documentation. Some Examples on the syntax on some advanced things like the ng- functions which are mentioned every where etc.

Because lets face it every new user might start with the WYSIWYG Editor but everybody whos serious about Home automation will eventually hit the point where he needs to dive into the code



Would be perfect. I’m searching for a documentation as well. I figured some things out by myself, but with a documentation I would be able to realize my dream-interface.

This would be great. Just starting with some hints and ideas behind HabPanel. Currently i avoid the effort to learn purely by try and error.


Found this thats a good start:

I believe that should be sticky and or mentioned in the Openhab Documentation!


is there really no comprehensive documentation, including documentation of the default CCS classes within habpanel?

24 hours of searching, and I’m no wiser. Cobbling stuff together from examples can only get you so far.

You will likely find what you need here:

This is a “working document” but especially have a look at the W3Schools Bootstrap tutorials, they might be valuable to find relevant CSS classes for your needs.