HabPanel Door Alarm

Is there a way to have an audible alarm triggerd when a door sensor is opened. I have no set way of setting up an audio device yet, I am just looking for options on if it can be done and what I need to do it. Can it be done via habpanel or do I need to use CLI for editing rules, sitemaps and such as well?
Preferably a remote audio device that is triggered would be ideal but I have no idea where to begin. Or even a text to a phone a phone call or some sort of sip device. Open to options and suggestions.

Every document I find is for older version of openhab, I am using the latest 2.4.0-1 on a Pi.

I have been able to get a few audio clips I downloaded to play via the webbrowser on both my pc and tablet when forced to play from openhab-cli using the command
smarthome:audio play alarm.mp3

However I still cannot figure out how to link sensor in habpanel when opened to trigger the audio alert. Is this done via rules or can this be done in the paperUI or habpanel config somewhere?

This is exactly what rules are for.
When event X perform action A

I have a few questions on how you accomplished this:
Are you using Habpanel?
is your tablet android or apple?
where do you store the .mp3 file?

I would love to help you with the rules you need if you can clarify for me.