Habpanel: Dynamic icons not working as expected

Am setting up a system to display my water tank level through custom icons. I have got 4 anti corrosive stainless steel contact dipped into to my water tank at different levels. These connect to a nodemcu, which calculates the tank value(20,50,70,100) and send it to openhab through mqtt. Idea was to use this value to display a custom water level icon from the below link to display them.

But it doesn’t seem to work. To test it, I have put a cron based rule to send value manually to the respective item.

Items file

String test "testing" <wassertank>

rules file

rule "Testing"
    Time cron "0 09 13 ? * ?"

Habpanel settings


Icon folder

Any idea what could be the issue?

For any “set” of dynamic icons, there must exist the default icon version.
I think you are missing an image wassertank.svg ?

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That was it. Thanks a ton

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