Habpanel for TV Control

I’m trying to setup a Habpanel to control my TV System (and nearby lights). I have the actual control working, but I’m not sure how to setup the interface.

In particular, part of the panel should remain static regardless of the current tv source: select source, lights, volume. However, part of the panel should switch the available buttons depending on the source.

I know that I can have an item control which panel is currently displayed, and use this to switch between panels depending on the current source. However, this would require me to add the common buttons to every panel which is annoying and I’d rather avoid if possible.

Is there a better way?

Hello @Winston_Ewert,

how about creating a “small” custom widget. Check

Here you could show/hide the buttons depending on the state of an item.

e.g. via

<div ng-if="itemState('Test') != 'ON'">

The static elements then just remain standard widgets.

I was quite skeptical of this suggestion at first. However, after going ahead and doing it, it worked fantastic! Thank you!