HABPanel GUI to allow copy/move and aligning multiple objects

During the design of my panels using HABPanel GUI, I created panels with lots of widgets on them. As I move and align the objects on the panel I came to realise that it would be very useful to be able to select multiple widgets and move them around as a group.

It also would be useful to have a function to align widgets vertically or horizontally.

As it is working now, moving multiple objects is not allowed (or I haven’t been able to find away). I found it very time consuming at design stage to get all objects placed quickly. I actually end up editing the panel source code to create multiple objects and place the objects exactly where I want them to be, instead of using the graphical UI (perhaps this is the solution).

Once a group of widgets can be created, it also makes it possible to create copies of these on the same panel or in a different panel in one go. This will save time, if you for example, creating similar buttons etc for each day of the week.