HABpanel & HABmin rules


my installation works fine but i want to start the mobile app with the HABpanel. Is that possible? The second problem is that a couldn’t save any rule. Where do i have to look an a solution for that?

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  • Platform information:
    • OS: ubuntu 18.02 Bionic Beaver_
    • Java Runtime Environment: newest
    • openHAB version: newest

How are you creating the rule, PaperUI new rules engine or in files? If files where are you trying to save them and what editor are you using?

Based on the title, I think that the habmin rule editor is used. And that editor is broken. Use rule files is my advice.

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Hi! I use HABmin. I couldn’t find the possibility to add rules by PaperUI.

Hi Laurens. That’s correct. How could i fix that? I need to build it visual to learn the syntax.

I do not use Habmin but based on what Laurens mentioned it’s broken. If you want to create rules for OH then use a text editor and place then in /ect/openhab2/rules file. I recommend using VSCode and Samba share but both nano and vim will work as well.

Link to video for setting up VSCode to edit and create files:

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Have you read this?

Many Thanks to both answers, that is very helpfull for me to get started.

You could install “Next Rule Engine” with PaperUI. It works good for many cases but sometimes you have to learn the syntax to solve your problems via rule files.