Habpanel humidity image problem

Hi, I’m trying to configure habpanel to show humidity. It currently has a broken humidity image: https://i.imgur.com/LS1gGH6.png

The image error I’m getting is due to the URL being used to create the image,

The final % in that string is breaking it and giving a “org.eclipse.jetty.http.BadMessageException: 400: Unable to parse URI query” error, if I remove the % after the 20 then it’s fine.

Is there any way to fix this in habpanel? I’m not really sure how. These are my widget settings:


I already replied to you in GitHub. This isn’t a HabPanel issue. The best you can do is to use a proxy item to remove the percent symbol or url-escape/encode it to %25 (percent sign)

Appreciate it. Thanks!