HABpanel icones and Fonts auto adjust sizes

If the display of icons and fonts on my MAC Browser looks OK, the same display on my IOS and Android Iphones are awful, not only the icons the the font as well.
Where is it possible to configures OpneHAb2 fonts and icons, to ensure auto adjust according to the size of the device it is displayed?
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My understanding is that HABPanel does not handle different screen sizes very well. I think you need to build a separate set of panels for the smaller screens. But hopefully someone with more experience with HABPanel can chime in.

Sadly, exactly that. I’ve got separate panel’s for separate screens.
Giving in to the fact that it is not responsive does then allow you to create awesome panels for each screen type.
I have laptop (scratch panel), tablet and phone. Not that arduious.

After all the efforts to install OH2, I am a little bit disappointed about the HABpanel.
A good thing is that the basic and standard UI are still exist.

Now looking at the HABPanel with more details, I see that the frame of a widget is automatically adjusted, icons (non SVG I suppose) and fonts have fixed sizes.
So there is no way to design an adaptive HABPanel for all kinds of display.
Due to the density of widgets per screen it seems to me reasonable to use it on a relatively large screen such as a tablet that can be dedicated for house automation.
As summary, I understand that usage on other smaller screens such a smartphones should be customized with a minimum of widgets.

It’s not all bad.
I have a number of similar sized tablets dotted around the house which share a screen.
I have another screen for phones.

As above, that’s not that arduous.

First thing to do though on a new pain, go into settings and change the “rows” value from default (12 IIRC) to something like 36 or 48. That allows you to make a much denser screen.

It could do with some polishing (I wish I could help with that!) but it does work.

Thanks for your answer but I am not too familiar in creating dashboards, so I believe I will have to practice a little bit more before asking pertinent questions in order to tune my panel.

NB: I couldn’t find any reference the default 12 rows but well default 12 columns, is it that that you recommend?

Forgive my paint skills :slight_smile:

On the main screen, select the settings gear, then the settings gear for a dashboard then Advanced and change the column count. It allows smaller tiles which are actually better suited.

I am on very 4 or 5 of my dashboard so there is a “graphical” learning curve of what works and what does not work.

What I did find useful is google images. Search for Habpanel and then browse images. I got loads of ideas from there of what works.

What I would love is if there was an easy way for people to share widgets via a single click (click to publish) I see so many brilliant widgets and which I had the skills to remake those.

Another good source is:

Shows you the (ageing :frowning: ) gallery

Those give you a good starting point to take something and bend it to suit your needs.


Nice, thank you very much for this, I believe I will spend my next days or weeks to practice dash-boarding :crazy_face:

Hi @tramlaan,

I think the point of Habpanel is that you can fairly simple create panels/ dashboards for the device you have with pre-defined widgets. We all are using different devices, with different screen sizes and different resolutions.
And think of it, something that looks good on a big screen, can get very messy on an iphone, even if you scale things, also you want different priorities on your screen maybe…so, habpanel actually allows you to create different panels for different devices / screens. Really powerful if you ask me.

The other good thing is that you can use custom CSS to set font sizes, scale graphics and so on. You just have to get use to it. I now only use custom widgets, because I have full control over them. And almost everything is possible!

Like learning OpenHab, Habpanel is also something you need to get familiar with by reading and practicing. But there is a SUPER community here to support you with all your questions, so don’t worry about that!

But I believe I had the same feeling when I started with Habpanel, but once you start with it, you see the power of it and you will get addicted as well :wink:
Happy coding!


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