HABPanel Icons Click & Drag moves the icon

Hello everyone,
I have a HABPanel UI with a some buttons/switches/dummies running off a RasPi Zero and displayed in an 3.5" touch-screen.
Fairly easily, as the buttons are as big as my finger, if I try to simply touch a button or a switch, the backdrop (background) icon is actually getting selected and dragged outside the box of the button leaving it floating where my finger registers the touchend event (finger leaves the screen) in grey colour and white background. Using a stylus is easily reproducible. See image:

This happens only on the LCD screen. If I visit the same page from my laptop and intentionally click&drag, nothing happens (as expected).
Additionally, if I do the same on a text-only button, nothing happens.

Any suggestions to disable this?

This was fixed for some time but it came back.
If you use a small touch LCD like 3.5" and you find yourself dragging the icon buttons all the item instead of tapping them here is a workaround with CSS (at least for Chromium).

Basically what you have to do is:
** create a sub folder (eg. myfolder) in /etc/openhab2/html/myfolder
** add a css file mycss.css to the folder and add this line in it
img{pointer-events: none;}
** then in the habpanel ui go to the settings on the left and click the cog wheel on the bottom
** Look for the setting "additional stylesheet (optional) and add the file path /static/myfolder/mycss.css
** Reload the HABPanel configuration or simply reboot