HABpanel Image Issue

I’m having some difficulty adding the following image to a HabPanel image widget.


The URL string works fine in a standalone browser yet will not work within the image or web panels.

What is the best way for me to pull an image with a URL styled like this?



So I don’t know enough about image widgets to know why this isn’t rendering, but have you checked the source using developer tools or similar (in Chrome)? If it’s not outputting a correct img tag there then maybe try rendering with a template widget and drop the img html tag in there with the src attribute pointing at your image?

I tried that as well and that does not work. What’s funny is when I use developer tools to look at the image in habpanel and click to open in a new window it loads fine…there must be something going on with habpanel.

Maybe @ysc would be able to provide some insight.

Afaik, URLs with authentication embedded in a page are blocked by chrome. There should be a warning in the console, though.

Could be this:

Check if you have an error like the above in the console window.

Edit: @vbier beat me to it :wink: