Habpanel issue with temperature items

hey guys,

I like to create a simple template to increment and decrement my homematic thermostat setpoint in Habpanel.

I think there is a issue with the items unit (°C) .
If i change the dimension of the item (ThermostatEssen_2_Setpoint) in Paper UI to
“none” then the script is working… If the dimension is set to “temperature” it’s not working.

does anyone have an idea?

Many thanks in adavance!

<button class="btn btn-default"
        style="width: 100%; height: 2em;
               font-size: 30px"
ng-click="sendCmd('ThermostatEssen_2_Setpoint', +itemValue('ThermostatEssen_2_Setpoint') + 0.5) ">
<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-menu-up"></i>

Because 100°C + .5 is not a valid operation.
Try replacing the unit with an empty space or split it

+(itemValue('ThermostatEssen_2_Setpoint')).split('°')[0] + 0.5)"