HABPanel - list of item shows cryptic item title - should be item name?


I am trying to get started with HABPanel. When I add a new widget those list up the items available. However, the drop down “openHAB item” to select an item from for the widget presents the very cryptic item title. I would very much appreciate seeing the item name, which would make setup much easier. So instead of “rfxcom_lighting_1_0085d1f4_command” it could simply be “Discolights” as I have named them in openhab2.

Can this be achieved somehow or does this need to be implemented by maintainers?

Those entries look to me as if they have been automatically created (simple mode!).

…If they were, why not switch auto creation to use names as given by user instead of these cryptic titles.


You can easily rename your existing “things” and “items” to your preferences (suggest a naming standard), but like others say, turn off the simple linking mode (automatic) so you can name your items to your preferences as you create them.

FYI, when you edit those, the updated names (labels) will be reflected elsewhere those are referenced. habpanel item config, etc.

How does one rename things in HABmin, I’ve tried several different approaches, and cannot find the preference for “automatic” or “simple” linking mode?