HabPanel - mobile responsiveness

Hi guys,

I started playing around with HABPanel and configured matrix theme. I would say that I have decent understanding of HABPanel or at least how to configure it.
However I faced some problem: Android responsiveness more precisely scrolling on mobile either using PWA version and installed android app.
Here it is how it looks like:

I can’t scroll it down, I can swipe left and menu with dashboards can be seen. Like this:

However on desktop I can do it using developer tools using mouse wheel (not by swiping down):

Any ideas? Maybe HABPanel is meant to be fullsize only without any scrolling? I would love to use it on desktop/tablet as well as mobile phone. I saw people comments inside matrix-theme topic that they are using it on mobile, so should be possible?

Thanks for any answers

PS. I have No background & Don’t wrap in a container both enabled as well as my custom-widget is full size of the dashboard.

Solved myself.
Settings => Stop scrolling was enabled . I just disabled that checkbox.

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I believe that, going forward, the OH3 Main UI will be the main focus for mobile although HABPanel is also still available.

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