Habpanel: Modify the displayed value

I get a temperature value from a plc in integer format. So f. e. a 20°C come as 200. So I must divide with 10 before i can display the value. Is there a chance to make this with the format function in the dummy widget?

Why not fix this at source, and have your Item state hold the corrected value?

OK, this was a possibility, but not so easy. Real-Format needs double space in plc and i have a lot of values. In Vis-Widgets there is a multiply factor in extended settings for this issue, so i thought there exists something in Habpanel too…

Most openHAB bindings allow use of transformations, or there are profiles to modify values before they get into Item states. Or transformations can be applied in Item format metadata pattern for display.

I don’t know what Vis-Widgets are.

Hey rossko57

thanks for your answer!

Vis is a Standard-Visualisation in IOBroker. What do you meen with “profiles to modify values before…”? Can I do this with the dummy Widget? How does it works?

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood - you are using openHAB?

I’m using Habpanel…

Okeydoke, this is generally an openHAB forum so none of what I’ve suggested is of use to you.