HABPanel n3-linechart stopps working

As reported in this thread, rrd4j stopped working because of the shift to DST.
A restart of the bundle solved the actual problem as could be checked via a REST call and can be seen on charts on the BasicUI sitemap. The charts on HABPanel (using n3-line charts) however are stuck and keep showing the last saved input for time when the DST change was done.
A restart of the used browser made no change and it shows on different devices using Chrome and Firefox.

Can confirm the rrd4j stopped persisting at 2:00/3:00 last night, but I just restarted openHAB and charts are working again.

Do you have errors in the JS console?

Initially it looked like rrd4j was working, however I concluded that from a positive return of a REST call for the persisted items (which resulted in a “400” before the restart of the bundle). However, that was a false leading test! The charts on BasicUI did show the time until now (which they haven’t done before the restart) but what I missed was that there was NO ACTUAL data shown!
I had to restart OH completly to get it all working again.
I’m sorry, because of this restart I can’t tell you wahat the JS console did show.

No worries. If we skip an hour, as far as the graphs are concerned it should be fine if the data is there - it’s the same thing as stopping the persistance for an hour.
If we go back an hour however, and there are multiple data points for the same timestamp then I’m wondering what will happen :slight_smile: