Habpanel NG-IF with dates + x


I’m using caldav binding to show calendar items in Habpanel.
I would like to use annotations as “today” and “tomorrow” in the view.
Therefore I need to compare the day from current date with the day from the caldav item.

The following is working…I can now show “today” based on the NG-IF:

<div ng-if="(itemValue('LocalTime_Date')|date:'d')==(itemValue('CalItemTime2')|date:'d')">

Now I would like to do the same for current date + 1
If current date is 24, I would like to see if the next caldav item is 24+1 =25, to set the date as “tomorrow” for the appointment.

In any case, if someone could send me in the right direction…it would be highly appreciated!