HABPanel not storing to server anymore


I worked on my dashboard today. When I was actually quite satisfied with the result (the source setting was server), I only got a black webpage when starting HABPanel. I don’t exactly what I did just before this occurred.

After trying different things like restating, I decided to re-install HABPanel via PeperUI. No change. Then I decided to try to switch to the snapshot version. Now I get my Dashboard again (or at least some of it - some widget don’t work). In the settings of my HABPanel, only Local Storage is shown - there is a message saying: “Panel configurations are not available: not running openHAB 2 or service not installed?”

Does anyone have an idea how I could my dashboard back or at least get HABPanel working again?

Thank you!

That’s strange - open the Chrome developer tools (F12), refresh the page and check both the Console and the Network tabs. You should see some errors in red (a config request most probably, and some Javascript errors in the console). Looks like there’s a problem with the service config or the REST API.

Hello Yannick,

you are right - there are errors in the console:

vendor.js:119 SyntaxError: Unexpected token
in JSON at position 57638
at JSON.parse ()
at openhab.service.js:297
at vendor.js:132
at m.$eval (vendor.js:147)
at m.$digest (vendor.js:144)
at m.$apply (vendor.js:147)
at l (vendor.js:99)
at K (vendor.js:103)
at XMLHttpRequest.N.onload (vendor.js:104)

Is there a way to repair that?

Thank you for your reply!

Your JSON might get truncated, I have seen this problem before, this might help:

Thank you!

That could have been the reason - yes. I will keep that in mind, in case the phenomenon will come up again.

I decided to make a fresh system in the meantime :wink: