HabPanel not switching back to the default dashboard

I am still investigating this issue but it looks like a bug.


HabPanel allows OH to control the currently displayed Dashboard using one of the panel settings:

It is usually defined as an item such as:

String    HabPanel_Screen          "HabPanel Screen"         <screen>         (VirtualSwitch)

The idea is that changing the content of the string, HabPanel will switch to that Dashboard, should the string match an existing Dashboard. Simple, yet very powerful.

Sample use case

I was experimenting with a simple use case that I provide here only to illustrate how I got there.

Let’s consider I have 3 dashboards:

  • A: Main
  • B: Doors & Windows
  • C: Foobar

Below I will refer to Dasboards A, B and C since what they are does not matter much.

In my case, usually, HabPanel shows Main (A). When a door or window is opened, it will switch to Doors & Windows (B). After N seconds, it will come back to Main (A).

Nice story but that does not work.

The problem

The rule switching A → B works fine. A window is opened (for instance), OH will update the HabPanel_Screen content and the B Dashboard will be shown.

So far, everthing works as expected.

The issue is related to coming back to Dashboard A. I am using a timer (but that part does not matter) and switching back to A is simply ignored.

The tests

I tested a few things without positive outcome so far:

  • I tested on a few OS/Apps/Browsers from Android to MacOS and from OpenHab App to Browser. The results are consistent between platforms
  • I carefully checked for typos obviously
  • I made a new Dashboard (D), which is the copy of (A) and switching back and forth to (D) works fine
  • rename the first panel (A) to something else
  • I tested switching to (C) instead of (A) and that works all good

Those tests tend to suggest that there is either a bug and/or and issue with my first dashboard.

It would be helpful to know if others see the same issue or not.
The content of the Dashboards does not matter at all.

I opened the issue here: HabPanel not switching back to first dashboard · Issue #2569 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub