HabPanel on Android and PC different

Hi, my TFT on the Windows 10 PC has a resolution of 1920x1080.

My Android 10,1" Tablet has also FullHD resolution. DPI is set to 320 (factory value).

But HabPanel looks completely different on this two devices, even if i use “show desktop version” mode in browser of my tablet.

On my tablet the font is very big, on my windows pc the font in the widgets is very small. Is there a way to make this the same? Maybe change dpi of the android tablet?

If resolution is the same, both devices should show the panel in a similar way?

As you are seeing the answer is not necessarily, and this is something that has plagued web developers almost since the beginning. The problem is that in the web page the developer can specify how they want the page to look but ultimately it is up to the web browser to interpret that specification and show it to the user. Because phone screens are smaller than a typical computer monitor but with the same number of pixels, the phone/tablet browser will treat the same font size differently.

I don’t use HABPanel so I don’t know if there is a way to handle this situation or not.

A couple of options:

  • use the Chrome developer tools’ “device mode” to emulate your tablet resolution on your PC:
  • not really recommended but there is a very experimental option in the dashboard’s settings dialog box to scale the font sizes, maybe that works for you: