Habpanel on iPad 2

Hello there, I am trying to reuse my iPad 2 to display habpanel, but safari refuses to even load anything, and Dolphin, the only other browser I managed to get working on the iPad crashes as soon as I try to load up the openhab web UI. The IOS App is not compatible with iOS 9, which is the latest available for my iPad.

Does anyone have any idea how i might get this working?

Thanks for any help!

Thansk for your answer!
I am a little sad my iPad seems to have had its last useful day

You might want to try loading https://{yourServerIP}:8080/habpanel/index.html in your browser as HABPanel is more likely to work relatively ok with ancient browsers and devices than the new Main UI. Note that you will not be able to access the settings because those now require logging in with the Main UI first.
But if you have set a default panel configuration then it should be loaded when you access HABPanel on your iPad 2.

Thanks for the help,
How do I set a default panel configuration?
EDIT: It is done by clicking the little Star in the panel configuration menu.