HabPanel on Tablet working.... at times... and crashing most of the time

I am using OpenHab + HabPanel on an old android Tablet.
The Tablet is an old Galaxy Tab E.
The OS was too old so I first had to flash Lineage to install OpenHab and fix the default screen rotation.

So far so good.

More often than I wished however, I find the tablet in this state:

OH is registered as Launcher. If I press the Home button, OH reloads and everything is OK.

Sometimes, eveything works fine for several hours. Sometimes, it “crashes” and fails recovering several times per hour.

I am trying to troubleshoot the issue and first understand if the issue is about:

  • the tablet / OS
  • the OH App
  • my HabPanel content

I don’t remember seeing this issue at the beginning and I suspect it may be due to adding Victron / MQTT. The Victtron MQTT Server litterally spams with MQTT messages all the time. Could HabPanel have issues with that ?

I removed all the “solar” widgets from my main page thinking it could help but it does not.

Is this an issue you ran into ?
Any suggestions to troubleshoot this issue and narrow down the culpritt ?

Still early to tell for sure but after limiting the amount of “spam” I get from MQTT (using a rounding profile for now), it seems to hold so far longer than usual.