HABpanel open while OH is started causes problems

I observed the following:

Started my OH (running on a pi2) from a windows pc. On that pc the browser had HABpanel as well as PaperUI open. I observed OH working, however PaperUI remained unresponsive untilI closed HABpanel.

Anybody observed the same? Anybody know the cause?

Some time has passed, I did some updates, however no change on the behaviour in here.
Am I doing a thing that shouldn’t be done (having an open tab in the browser for PaperUI and HABPanel while OH is (re)started)? The UIs are unresponsive, OH is running (as can be monitored on Karaf), after closing the HABPanel tab, PaperUI gets responsive immidiatly.

There was indeed a problem, which is now fixed and the version shipping with openHAB 2.0.0 will behave correctly.

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