HABPanel & openHAB 1

Hi all,

openHAB 2’s final release is upon us, so a few changes have been made to HABPanel in the last few days to make it leaner and better working for most users as we move forward. To this extent, I’m announcing here the master branch of HABPanel no longer supports openHAB 1.x - that’s because Atmosphere.js and the related code has been stripped away because it could interfere and erroneously run for OH2 users when the connection dropped.

Therefore, instead of cloning the master branch of the repository at https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.ui.habpanel, OH 1.x users are invited to stick to the ‘oh1’ branch in my repository here: https://github.com/ghys/habpanel/tree/oh1 which contains the last version before the breaking changes.
It will receive a few cherry picked updates from the master branch (at irregular intervals), but support for this branch is not guaranteed. You are invited to migrate to OH 2.0 - especially once the upcoming final version is out - for the best support and reliable updates.

Thanks for your understanding!


Hi Yannick,

link to OH1 branche (https://github.com/ghys/habpanel/tree/oh1) is not working. Current release ist not working with my OH1.8 " Connection lost! Trying to reconnect… "

Thanks for your help, C

Uh… not sure what happened to this branch :frowning: To be honest I wasn’t actually maintaining it, I don’t even have an OH1 instance running anymore.

Anyways, here’s a ZIP download for the last revision before OH1 support was dropped: