HABPanel - Range of values not zoomed for the current timeframe


I created a HABPanel site showing a lot of items. One of that is the watermeter. If I click on that I configured the item as oh-label-card component to show the weekly graph, which is working in general. But the range of the values is not per week. This is the overall range of the item. If I open the controls at the bottom of the page, move to ranges and activate “scala”, the graphs get shown correct as I would like to have. But I don’t find a possibitlity to configure the item by default with activated scala. Hope I explained that on a way that someone can understand my problem :open_mouth:

This is what I get by default:

And this if I activate “scala”:

My item configuration looks as following:

component: oh-label-card
  action: analyzer
    - WatermeterValue
  icon: oh:water
  iconUseState: false
  item: WatermeterValue
  title: Wasserzähler
  trendItem: WatermeterValue
  vertical: true
  actionAnalyzerChartType: isoWeek

With the hope that somebody can help me …