HABpanel refresh: iPad screen on: no camera-stream visible (without manual refresh)


my wall-mounted iPad shows my HABpanel in full-screen and “guided access” mode. Instead of having the screen on 24x7 it turns the screen on only if motion was detected or if the doorbell rang. It works very good with my rules.
My HABpanel shows me a couple of item-states and mjpeg-streams of my outside-cameras. When iPad wakes up these streams does not come back online without a manual HABpanel refesh (e.g. by changing HABpanel pages or by reopening the browser).

Does anybody knows a workaround how to refresh HABpanel with a rule and show my camera streams again without manual intervention?

I already tried the HABpanel option “change dashboard with an item” - this works sometimes, but (strangely enough) not reliable.

I am completely stuck and appreciate any idea & help.
I tried so much and spent so much time… but no success yet.
My current workaround is to let iPad on 7x24.

Thanks, Kai