HabPanel "running hot"?

Running openHab and habPanel on an older machine, and was having issues with another program on the same box, and started to look at performance. That is, I have openHab and chrome open to habPanel on the same machine for testing and development.

I had a look at my task manager, and saw:

  • when habPanel was not visible in Chrome, things were okay
  • when habPanel was the visible tab in Chrome, the CPU percentage shot up to over 30% on a dual core system

Are others seeing this?

Is this expected?

Are there things we can do to tune this?

No it’s not expected.
I tried the 2.0.0 release with the demo setup, Chrome’s internal task manager (Menu > More tools > Task manager) doesn’t report any issue with the HABPanel tab even though the tab is in the foreground, and receiving item updates. This is while idle of course, clicking around and switching between dashboards causes some CPU usage but nothing out of the ordinary…

Maybe check with F12; you could have some issue with your configuration.

Seeing this regularly… what do you want me to look for in the debug/console windows. More of a back end guy, but if you give me guidance, can help figure out what it is. I have decent java script and “F12” experience, but nothing too deep.

Maybe two ideas:

  1. I had the problem with HABPanel on my tablet, that it got really hot when using animated weather icons. After disabling them, the temperature and CPU usage went back to normal again.
    So it would be interesting which widgets you are using. Maybe you can post us a screenshot?

  2. In the background HABPanel gets all events from the event bus. Therefore if you have a lot of events HABPanel has to decide for each item change if it is relevant or not. So it would also be interesting how much items you have in your OpenHAB installation.

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That nailed it! The usage went from 25-30% down to 1-3% just by eliminating the 2 controls that I was using for Current and Forecast weather using the climacons from org.openhab.ui.iconset.climacons-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Is there another set of icons that i could use that are not animated and have the same look and feel?

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You can have a look here:


In the described zip file there are different styles for the weather icons.


Did some quick work to cut and paste, and haven’t seen habpanel go above 7% since!