Habpanel: Scaling, scrolling and adjusting to screen size?

Hi all,

I am running habpanel on a 1080p screen and have problems with widget sizings.
The sizing of all possible widgets without scrolling does not match the screen size.
Meaning either I need to scroll to see all or have fewer widgets and have space left below.

I initially thought that although I need a seperate config for screen sizes, like 1080p but thought widgets and their sizing when I size them in the editor are filling the screen and adjust so you dont have to scroll but also dont have space left, I just find it way better looking if all widgets are filling the screen on par with the screen end.

I have tried disabling the header, kioskmode and the number of columns but the problem persists.

Does anyone know if this is by design? Essentially I want to have 4 widgets in a vertical row which leave no space on the screen or need to be scrolled to see them but instead they have the maximum size automatically according to screen.

Any ideas?
Thank you :slight_smile: