HABPanel shortcut on home screen to directly open specific dashboard

Hello everyone. As I am rather new to OpenHAB, I have tried to find out if my idea is not new, but so far could not find a related thread.

On my Android phone I used the “stick to home screen” (upper right “… menu” - I use the german version where it actually says “Anheften an Startbildschirm”, so dont know the exact english original) menu function in HABPanel to create a short cut. When I click that short cut, I first see the orange/white PaperUI interface trying to find my local server and after a second or two it switches to the black HABPanel screen with a list of dashboards (I only have one at the moment).

It would be much nicer, if such a shortcut would directly open said dashboard without any other PaperUI screen inbetween, I think. Additionally that “stick to homescreen” function could be sensitive to which dashboard is currently selected or if the user is currently viewing a panel instead of a dashboard and likewise create a shortcut to either that panel or dashboard then.

This also somewhat relates to the way you currently close out of HABPanel using the Android back soft key: From a dashboard you exit to the panel and then another back key press gets you the white/orange PaperUI sitemap screen, which I dont find very appealing from UI experience’s view (why do you get to see the PaperUI at all if user is using the HABPanel).

I hope I got the wording right!

Hi @Velo17,

I’d suggest trying the HabPanelViewer app, which can be set up to start on any specific HabPanel dashboard you want. The easiest thing is to download the app-debug.apk file directly from GitHub.

There’s an ongoing discussion here.

Hello rpwong,
thank you for pointing me into that direction, I will check it out and it already sounds promising!