HABpanel stops updating after random amount of time

Hello, I have a problem with HABPanel on android tablet. Item state stops updating after random amount of time, sometimes 10 minutes sometimes 10 hours. When this issue appear I also can’t change item state by clicking widget on HABPanel. This issue concerns every type of widgets and items. I need to manually refresh website with refresh button in chrome to bring back HABPanel to work. I also tried other browsers and they gives the same behavior. Are there any chances to get HABPanel to work properly without this issue ?

I can’t help with your problem but hopefully the people who can will be more likely to see it and respond in the HABPanel category.

I see a similar behavior since some days. I’m using HABPanel with HABPanelViewer on a Fire 7. Sometimes it works for days. Sometimes just for a short time.

Strange thing is I changed nothing in the setup and before it was working:

Same OH version
No server changes
No config changes
Same browser (HPV not updated)

Only thing I can imagine that changed (automatically) is the tab’s FireOS. I think Amazon pushs some updates to the tabs without any user interaction.

What kind of hardware are you using @nofox?

Also helpful to know, can the issue be replicated to other hardware? Help pinpointing the issue within OH or the end user device.

I see this sometimes on two Lenovo 8" tablets I’m running. Can still send commands/updates from them but changes aren’t displayed unless I do a refresh.