HABPanel Switch state issue

I use a Switch and a Slider in HABPanel to control a light (KNX).
When the light is OFF and the Slider is used to get a specific light value (like 50%), the grey OFF text in the switch becomes blue but the text does not change to ON.

Using the Switch or the Slider to switch the light on, the Slider first moves to 100% and then back to the percentage which was selected.
How can I change this behaviour so the Slider only reacts to the feedback address of the dimmer?
This is what I have in the Things file:

Thing device 1-1-107_1
        { Type dimmer : Eettafel "Dimmer" [ switch="3/2/10+<3/2/13", position="3/2/12+<3/2/14", increaseDecrease="3/2/11" ] }

And this is the corresponding line in the Items file:

Dimmer  Eettafel "Dimmer [%d %%]" <light> { channel="knx:device:bridge:1-1-107_1:Eettafel" }

The used GA’s
3/2/10 Switch
3/2/11 Dim
3/2/12 Brightness
3/2/13 Feedback switch (readable)
3/2/14 Feedback brightness (readable)