HABpanel ui does not load custom components

After upgrading to the latest snapshot(openHAB 2.4.0 Build #1409) HABpanel dashboard is stopped working. None of my custom html, css or js components are loading, each request against the /static ends 404.

Has anyone run into the same problem? Is there any recently added change that could cause it?
If it is not because of the latest snapshot any idea how to troubleshoot?

Thanks, Adam

Yes, I have the same problem

I open another thread now

It looks like the mapping for static HTML was removed or changed.
I have added to my config/html some files. After latest snapshots (Build #1408) they are not reachable any more under /static/.


That has been solved with SNAPSHOT#1411

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Wow, great. Thanks for your reply, @vzorglub.

update: I could confirm, it is working again after update.