HABPanel Units of Measurement (UoM) restrictions

I have spend much time to find out how UoM does work in HABPANEL.

Now I know there are restrictions. No problem.
This is only as documentation for other users who search for that.

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There is another point:
in rules I can get the unit with


in userdefined Widgets



... ng-repeat="item in itemsInGroup('gTemp')">

don’t work. Taking the second part of the item.state respectively itemValue is not a option, because there must not be a label or unit in the label for the item.

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Same thing, that’s because in rules you’re accessing a real NumberItem object instance while HABPanel works with the REST API which offers only a subset of the information (specifically EnrichedItemDTO).

Then the RestAPI get /items/{itemname} sould be extended about UoM.

  • show
    used unit
    ggf. list with all valid units (for this item)
  • optional parm unit, for converting the state to the correct value

@ysc can you open a issue please