Habpanel viewer does not display Camera Feed URL

Hello Comunity.

I have configured in my sitemap my camera Dahua IPC K35 , on the Video element,

Video item=Camara1 icon="camara" url="http://admin:7121799422@" encoding="mjpeg"

It works very fine in Openhab App for android movil but on Habpanel Viewer (Wich is a wonderfull App for android Tablet) Widget Camera Feed does not show the video (I have put the same URL)
.In habpanel when i modified via PC it show the video correctly.
Could someone help me about???


Julian -

Couple of things to note…

This situation is most likely caused by your browser ( no longer passing usernames and passwords via a URL…

With that said, I still have had some luck with FireFox on a Windows PC still passing along the credentials.

From a browser on a Rpi, I’ve needed to use a browser plug-in which stores the credentials as a work around.

I use the image carousel with no issues…see snipet below

<div class="cctv">
  <div uib-carousel active="0" interval="5000" no-wrap="false">
    <div uib-slide index="0" ng-init="model1 = { 'url':'http://username:password@10.x.x.x/ISAPI/channel/1/picture/', 'refresh': 5 }">
      <widget-image ng-model="model1" style="margin:auto;"/>
    <div uib-

One other thing to note, check your code paste above, I believe you left in your username and password…if that’s true and even though you are behind a router with a private IP address I would recommend changing to be on the safe side since it’s posted in a public forum.

Let us know if you need any more assistance.


Another way is to let this binding handle the authentication for you as it gives the snapshot to an Openhab IMAGE. Some cameras do not support BASIC auth (what your URL is doing) and only do DIGEST, other cameras allow you to select the type of auth used, in which case make sure it is set to BASIC for that url format to work.

This binding works with both basic and digest.


Does your binding work with DVR/NVR’s as well or are you trying to replace them with your binding?


Yes it should work with cameras behind an NVR provided it is made by a brand with a supported API. Since I don’t own an NVR the chance of hitting a bug is higher than using the camera stand alone. I would not try and turn Openhab into a DVR when other software already does this which are mentioned at the first post of the binding thread. That is also another option for the OP, that is to use one of the software packages on a server to remove the cameras authentication.

Hello Kid.

Thanks for spend your time on me.

Could you please tell me more deep, how do I must to use The carousel you mentioned???.
I will take into account your suggestion about my privacy.

A lot of thanks.

Hello matt1.

Your work transformed into the binding is so great, on my case I need fluent video, this binding only allows snapshot with a time of refresh. If I am wrong I would appreciate your explanation.


This is the image carousel that I used…

Hello Kid.
Thanks for your contribution, I know that the function of the image carousel is to display images one by one, regarding my issue I don’t understand why this image carousel behaves different to widget camera feed.I have made some test with URL without username-password but the browser anyway display a prompt asking for them.
Could you explain me what’s the reason for what image carousel allows the image or video on browser (Chrome).