Habpanel viewer for Android

Hi Guys, has it been pulled from Google play store ? I cant find it



Google has removed the app. @miker is working to get it back up.

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Thank you, i guess ill wait!

Sorry for the delay in getting to this…

@vbier It looks like some modifications to the app, in regards to notifying the user about the device admin rights needed, are needed.

From Google:

    • Provide prominent user facing disclosure of this usage before asking the user to enable this permission within your app. Your disclosure must meet each of the following requirements:
    • Disclosure must be displayed in normal course of usage of your app. Your users should not be required to navigate into a menu or settings to view disclosure.
    • Disclosure must describe the functionality Device Admin permission is enabling for your app. Each security policy used with the Device Admin request must be declared in your disclosure, and each policy must be accompanied with justification for the request.
    • Disclosure cannot only be placed in your privacy policy, terms of service or end user license agreement (EULA).

Also, here is what I’m adding to the Play Store listing. Let me know if you want me to edit anything.

“This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
The purpose of this app is to provide a dedicated managed touchscreen control interface for the openHAB home automation system. Device Administrator permissions are required to allow for many features provided by this app.”

The app shows a message to the user when the user enables the functionality in the preferences, explaining that admin rights are needed to lock the screen immediately.

So I am not sure what the problem is.

Can you please change the Play Store listing to "Device Administrator permissions are required to immediately lock the screen when the ADMIN_LOCK_SCREEN command is received.”

Hi Volker

Can I suggest an enhancement? Like the OpenHab2 android app that has a LOCAL and REMOTE server ability can we have this too in HPV?

So i dont have to use a DNS name to connect locally/remotely. It would be nice to have the IP locally, but the external DNS remotely.