Habpanel, visibility of offline items

Hi there,

I am currently using Habpanel on a wallmount Android tablet which works fine.

The only general issue I see is: If an item goes offline due to WiFi loss or power loss, it shows still the old status of e.g. a switch. So I think the switch is still on, but mabe it is offline because somebody had pulled it out of the socket.

So wouldn’t that be a good idea to grey out a widget, if the item is no longer online and then shown status is no longer valid?
Is that something what could be generally implemented in Habmin? Or does each widget item then need an additional online state?


You will need to monitor the online state by creating other items.


It works if you set an expired item to off, but still the visibility is not clear if it is just off, or offline.
Same for other info displays which still show a value, but are not updated since maybe hours…
So do I now need to place an extra widget for the online status of each item? This also makes no sense.
So best would be that every widget has at least 3 states, ON/OFF/Offline or a Value and offline.
What does the community think about that approach?