Habpanel widget disappear

Hi all, I’m playing around with OH2 and in particular with HabPanel.
I’ve created some widgets while I was at work and they were fine and working, then when I get back and wanted to continue to play with them but they are not available! No widgets at all, except the standard one.
At work I connect to my openhab through a proxy to export it on Internet (it’s hosted at home) with a hostname, while when I’m at home I connect direcly on port 8080 of the server.
I noticed yesterday but I thought it was a misview but I’ve paid attention today and noticed it.
Tomorrow, when I’ll reconnect from my work pc I’m sure I’ll find all the widgets I was working on.
Any hint will be appreciated



the panel config gets stored locally by default. You can change this in the HABpanel config:

So when you’re back on your work pc, just change this settings, and afterwards change it on your home pc, then both have the same panels.

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It works fine! Thanks a lot
But why the default is to keep on the browser? It sounds a bit odd only to me?
I think that most of the times, a dashboard is programmed on a pc that won’t be the one where it will be displayed