HABpanel/Widget Gallery/SecurityValidator Problem/json

I tried to install the ct100 widget from the HABpanel gallery. I got the error about the security validator problem. I thought about trying what is described in this thread:

but it looks like it turns into a morass and is two years old.
So I did a lot of stumbling around looking at the methods involved, added the items etc and suddenly I seem to have the widget installed and working I am not sure where I stand or if I succeeded “the right way” or blundered into something that is accidentally working and could fail at any time. One thing I am sure I didn’t do was anything with the CT100.widget.json file because I don’t know what to do with a json file.

So, am I in a stable situation or how can I get to a stable situation?


we have the same problem. Everything seems to be update. Can I enter an adress, in den URL-Line to get all of the Custom widgets?

Regards, Birgit

Hi, if you’re getting errors related to security certificates when opening the gallery, it almost certainly means your JRE is too old and you should update it.