HABPanel widget: Virtual Thermostat/OnOff Appliance scheduling

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(Guido Ottaviani) #64

Because I already have InfluxDB installed to graph some variables (https://guiott.com/?page_id=2828) it was enough to add this line in the influxdb.persist:

HVAC_Mode, HVAC_Schedule : strategy = everyChange, restoreOnStartup

(Guido Ottaviani) #66

Hoping to help someone else, I’m keeping to share my small steps here. Please let me know if it could be useful. That’s still very raw but it works.
After the layout changes, I’ve added a check on the Thermostat version of the rule to perform an action when the temperature is outside a desired range, considering an hysteresis to define the comfort range where the heater/cooler is off. It avoids too frequent switches of the system.

The status of the system is reflected by the color of the knobs bars:
RED (HOT) = actual temperature is over the setpoint plus hysteresis
GREEN (COMFORT) = actual temperature is within comfort range
BLUE (COLD) = actual temperature is below the setpoint minus hysteresis

to do that something changed on ohscheduler.tpl.html and on ohscheduler.css.
The actions are on the rule “Thermostat Action” in the OHSchedulerHVAC.rules file.
It needs a further item for each gauge requiring a slight change in the widget configuration.
The knobs bars color is managed by the setKnobColor() function in
ohscheduler.js file.

The whole package can be retrieved here:
this is just a little add-on to the great original job from Geo.

Any comment is welcome.

(Paul Broughton) #67

Hi, firstly can I say I think this widget is brilliant, exactly what I was looking for. I have a small issue that I was hoping somebody may have seen before… Its the dials, for some reason my dials are displaying “in reverse”. So the colours are showing to the left for some reason and then when I try adjust a target temperature it then tries to jump to the right and it gets messy… I also can’t seem to very get to a target of zero… mine seems to stop at 18… really odd, as far as i can tell everything is working fine aside from that. I am getting events come through and the schedule changes register just fine.

… I did a bit of playing about with values… seems the problem manifests when you set the temp min to anything less than 1… not had time to work out why thats the case but thats at least how to reproduce it.