Habpanel Width of Widget


is there a way to have the size of a widget in a variable?
I would like to dynamically create this link with the actual width and height in an image-widget, so that the resulting image has the correct size.



I don’t think there is a way you can do this. You can create your own widget which has a flexible size and will spill over the container to give you want you want but that would be “ugly”.

If you scale the image proportionately, it should not matter that the container is not dynamic. Why do you want it to move?

Ok. In the end my Habpanel will be kind-of static anyway so. I just select the right size then.

That is the challenge that I have too.

While habpanel/grafana supports having webviews with dynamic graphs it does not scale well on smaller screens.

Also on older devices it is faster do display pre-rendered image than the whole grafana graph webpage in a frame.