HABPanelViewer 0.9.24

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(Volker Bier) #141

My question is: could you make an option that instead of putting the tablet to sleep, could you set the backlight to 0 until motion is detected and then set the backlight to a defined value once motion is detected? I know it wouldn’t be as popular as putting it to sleep but it would be helpful for Amazon Fire tablets.

Further, could you also make it so if the display is touched it turns back on?

@waspie: the app does not put the tablet to sleep, this is done by the system itself. You should look into rooting and putting android on the tablet.

Connection control gives me a long number, is this the timecode in seconds?

How can i change this to a readable format?

@halloween: This is java.lang.System.currentTimeMillis().

(scott dee) #142

yeah, i suppose. was trying to avoid it :stuck_out_tongue:
upon further investigation there appears to be no root/rom yet for the fire tablet i have. damn

and i understand its not the app that puts it to sleep. poor wording on my part.

(Garry Mitchell) #143

I’ve got a new Fire 7" in my car. Although I am setting the screen timeout to various values using Tasker - there is also an option in Developer Settings which is something like “Never sleep” - when it’s connected to power, the screen won’t time out. It will be worth giving this a try - if not, try Tasker.

(scott dee) #144

That’s what I’m using in conjunction with “Screensaver URL” as “dim:” in FKB
It’s working decently. The screen blanks (backlight still on) which keeps it from sleeping and therefor getting stuck at the lock screen when motion is detected. This looks to be how this tablet will have to be used. I just figured I’d ask in case someone else might be interested since the fire tablets are so cheap (or free in some cases).

(Joost Westra) #145

Is anyone able to show webcam streams in this viewer? Currently using https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pas.webcam on Android phones as cams. And reference them as an image widget like this http://192.168.x.x:8080/videofeed. Works great in Chrome but not in this viewer.

(Volker Bier) #146

Are you using https for the openHAB server? Then it is not allowed to embed http content. You have to use the https url to the webcam. But this only works if you have a valid certificate for the webcam, as otherwise the content is blocked because of the invalid certificate.

(Joost Westra) #147

Switching to http indeed solved the issue. Thanks for the help.

(Volker Bier) #148

I have updated the app once more. I removed the existing mechanism to ignore SSL errors for the openHAB host, and added a new mechanism that allows to store permanent security exceptions in a local trust store (just like a browser does). This should now allow you to use https with the webcam.

(Lukas) #149

First of all, great app, have it running on multiple devices and am happy there is an alternative to a browser. That said i do have two ideas which might be worth thinking over and a quick search in this topic hasnt shown any mention of them, so i hope they havent been already dismissed.

  1. offline data storage: looking at my data log, the app reloads the whole panel everytime it starts, especially through mobile data this can take quite some time, maybe some sort of buffer could be implemented? Most of the time the panel and used pictures shouldnt change that often :slight_smile:
  2. turning off the lock screen popup. I like it on some devices but on my maine phone i would like to be able to unlock my phone before the viewer starts (especially since my fingerprint sensor wont work once the app poped up).
    Hope i could give some constructive feeedback.

Greetings, lukas

(Volker Bier) #150

Regarding you two improvement ideas:

  1. the app uses the android webview component to render the html content. the webview component is initialized in default caching mode, i.e. “use cached resources when they are available and not expired, otherwise load resources from the network.”
  2. i am not sure what you mean with this. can you explain in a little more detail?

Edit: versions before 11-03-2017 did clear the cache frequently, so if you have a version from october or sooner, this would explain things.

(Michael) #151

Hello everybody,
First of all thank you for this great app. :pray:

Is there a way to add more App Launcher?

I’m thinking of adding Kodi, Spotify or Harmony App :sunglasses:

Thanks for your work

(Bogumil J.) #152

Hi! Great app! I was using Fully Kiosk Browser (FKB) till now, howerver your app seems to fit a lot better to use of habpanel. What is most important to me is that your app does not consume such a lot energy as FKB. Wireless Qi charging was not able to deliver enough of current to sustain my tablet when I was using FKB. I was almost ready do give up with wireless charging and your app changed eveything. Thanks!

(Lukas) #153

Hey vbier,

  1. thx for the quick response, my version is from december so that shouldnt be the issue, do u know if there are variables to say when the cache is outdated? Might be bec. I run lineage os? (Alternative android nougat) i will investigate once i have some more free time.
  2. when i lock my phone while habpanel is running it will still be on top once the display reactivates, whuch is great for wall mounted stuff and so but not very convinient when i want to go to a different app. Now i have to: unlock my phone, close openhab(home button) and enter my pin since the fingersensor stops working when habpanel is shown on lock screen. Hope this clears things up :slight_smile: .
    greetings, lukas

(Volker Bier) #154

I have never noticed that before, this should not be too difficult to change. I will add a setting that allows to choose whether the app shall be shown on the lock screen when I have the time.

Edit: setting has been added. the default is now to not show on the lock screen.

(RW) #155

Motion detection works fine on my Sony Xperia Tab but on my Amazon Fire 7 tablet it doesn’t turn on the screen although I use the same settings on both devices. Did I miss something or is it simply not working on Amazon tabs?

(Volker Bier) #156

I have not tested the app on an amazon tablet yet, maybe somebody else can say something about that. Does the preview show detected motion? Is the openhab Item updated? What does the status information screen show?

(RW) #157

Detection preview shows motion and the item is updated to CLOSED. In the information screen motion detection is enabled and the detected motions are counted.
But I also noticed that the app crashes when motion detection is turned on and I manually turn off the screen. I use the latest build.

(Volker Bier) #158

So detection seems to work, but the screen does not turn on. Have you configured screen on correctly? What does the status information show?

I will see If i can reproduce the crash tomorrow.

(RW) #159

Status information shows:
Screen on Control is enabled and Tablet_Motion=CLOSED

I used the exact same settings on another device and it worked there.

(Volker Bier) #160

Sorry, I have no idea why this does not work on the amazon tablet. I also could not reproduce your crash. I tried two different devices, old and new camera API, didn’t crash.
Is this only on the amazon device or also on your sony tablet?