HABPanelViewer 0.9.25

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(E. Gerland) #462

Is there a way to check whether the table is locked or not?
If I leave the house I want to set it to “locked”.
If the tablet is offiine at this time, it won’t get through.
So how to check?


(E. Gerland) #463

Hi Volker,

I really like your HPV, but I am struggling with Motion detection (among some other things ;-).

If I check the status in HPV, I can see that the camera is deactivated (i don’t know why).
Motion detection is active, though.

If I enable the CameraView to be shown, I can see the camera picture and the Motion detection working obviously properly.

So, why is HPV reporting camera is deactivated and how to change this?
(I tried both with and without lollypop camera API).
Thanks in advance.

Actually HPV reports correctly the Motion state, but it did not wakeup the screen.
My assumption was, that Motion directly activates the screen.
But that’s not the case, right?


(Curlyel) #464

Hi @vbier,
I’ve just installed the HABPanelViewer on an Android desk phone (GXV3370, Android 7.0). It works as expected in general.

BUT: In the context menus or configuration page I do have almost no contrast between the font color and the background: White text on white background in the context menu or a black font on darkgrey background on the configuration page. Here is an example for the context menu which is the worst of the two cases:

Do you have some option to switch to some other font color? Or could you set the font color and the background color to avoid it?

Or any other hint how to circumvent these cases?


(Volker Bier) #465

This looks really weird, it is supposed to have white font on black background. Can you try if this apk looks better?


(Curlyel) #466

Hi Volker,
thanks for the quick answer. I’ve downloaded/installed the provided .apk. The configuration page structure has changed but the contrast issue persists:

Not sure, if this caused by the vendors Android customization. Since there is no option to change a color theme in the phone’s Android settings etc. I’d aprecciate having a configuration option in the HABpanelviewer app to force contrasting backgrounds. What do you think?


(Volker Bier) #467

It is not caused by me. I have no color definitions anywhere in the apk you just installed, I only set the dark theme. It looks like your device has some color overrides that do not work properly.
I have updated the apk so that the app uses the light theme. Can you re-download and test? If this works I can add a theme chooser to the app.

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(Curlyel) #468

Thanks a lot Volker, that did the trick!
An option to choose the light theme would help me using this phone for HABpanel. So it’s highly appreciated if you put the theme selection into one of the next versions of your fantastic app :+1:

Btw: Beside the yet revealed color definition issue, it’s seems to be a good HABpanel device.
Works well on my office desk:

  • 7 inch screen
  • desk stand as well as wall mount included
  • PoE powered (alternative AC adapter included too)
  • tiltable camera, can be switched off by hardware


  • no sensors

(Volker Bier) #469

I have just released a new version in github. As usual, it will take a few days for fdroid to pick up and build the new version. @miker will hopefully update the version available on the play store as soon as he has the time.


  • report active app usage to openHAB
  • add optional parameter to SCREEN_ON to force screen to stay on for the given number of seconds
  • add setting allowing to enable CAPTURE_SCREEN functionality and disable it by default
  • add setting allowing to choose dark/light theme
  • improve cpu usage
  • fixed crashes
  • restructured Settings
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(Michael Ritterbusch) #470

I will try to have the play store updated before Monday.

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(Curlyel) #471

Thanks a lot @vbier, @miker! This will solve the contrast issues I had with the app. Really apprecciate the ultra fast fix/addon. :+1:


(Volker Bier) #472

I just saw that fdroid fails to build the new release due to a missing translation. I will have to investigate why I do not get the error when building and fix the problem. People that have downloaded and installed the apk should be fine as is.

I will do a new release in the upcoming days.

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(Timur) #473

i’m install HabPanel viewer from PlayStore, version 0.9.20
i have a some problem on app startup.

Then app is start/restart/start on tablet startup, i always got a error of UI. “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”. Then press “ok” button, screen doing vertical rotate, then horizantal rotate and then habpannelviewer work fine.

What is this? i had do a reset to default for tablet, but it not help. What i’m doing wrong?

Android version 5.1


(Timur) #474

btw in prevous versions of habpanel (i’m install them from ipk files) i dont have this problem…


(Kris K) #475

Guys this app has started to fail to store my credentials for logging in, any reason why? It logs into Openhab cloud and then displays my panels.

Its highly annoying :frowning:


(Alpoy) #476

anyone getting the “screen state” (contact item) report function to work? I’ve set it in the app but no update/change is ever sent to the contact item.
I’m using a Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F (Android 6.0)

Edit: Using 0.9.21


(Volker Bier) #477

@fta, I would need an adb log in order to find out what the problem is. Can you install the new version without setting it as home screen app? It should not restart when not set as home screen app.

@lfs_alp5, it works for me. send me an adb log if you want me to look at it.

@dastrix80, I do not understand what you are trying to say. If it does not store your credentials, than how does it log in to openHAB cloud? And what does that have to do with panels being shown?


(Kris K) #478


What im saying is, every single time I open HabPanel Viewer it asks for my username/password when I point the Server to my local instance of OpenHab Cloud. It doesnt save the username/password

Given Ive no idea where to look im hoping you have some ideas.


(Volker Bier) #479

Does the openHAB cloud instance use a login form on a web page or do you enter the credentials in the HPV login dialog? HPV can only store logins that are entered in its own login dialog.


(Volker Bier) #480

I have uploaded a new release. It is already available on fdroid.org:


  • add intro explaining basic usage
  • add export/import of settings
  • add setting for immersive mode and disable it by default
  • add setting for disabling the browser cache
  • add setting for loading start page when device is turned on
  • apply theme to in-app help
  • app starts faster
  • BUG: fix asking for camera permission if only camera preview is activated without motion detection
  • BUG: fix broken restart on crash feature

It also contains the things that were added/fixed in the previous version, which had not been released to play store and fdroid due to build failures while performing the release:

  • report active app usage to openHAB
  • add optional parameter to SCREEN_ON to force screen to stay on for the given number of seconds
  • add setting allowing to enable CAPTURE_SCREEN functionality and disable it by default
  • add setting allowing to choose dark/light theme
  • improve cpu usage
  • fixed crashes
  • restructured Settings

(Michael Ritterbusch) #481

I can get that uploaded to Play Store today as well.

(I was having trouble with updates on Android Studio … specifically new Gradle version… while trying to get the previous version built, but have got that sorted earlier this week.)

FYI / Note… this update 0.9.22 requires new permission:

Warning: Users that have the APK with version code 6 may need to accept the android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission, which may result in them not upgrading to this version of the app.