HABPanelViewer 0.9.27

Very cool! At this time I am using Filly Kiosk Browser. IT would bei nice to activate Screen Using Openhab Switch or Contact Item (from my KNX Motion sensor).

That has been working for me. Set it up in Settings>Backlight Control. I have a switch item that I use as a trigger and the screen will turn on when it is ON. The Regexp is configured as ON. However, the screen does not turn off when the state changes to OFF. My tablet just turns the screen off based on the timeout setting. I haven’t tried changing the state multiple times to see if it would reset the timeout.

[EDIT: In the current build I am using, the device says awake until the Regexp is not met, and then the screen turns off based on the display settings (15s for mine). This is working so well that for a while I thought the tablet was never turning off and had to carry the tablet away from the motion sensors that were triggering it to verify!]

First test today. Working quite fine. I have to set camera api with pre-lolipop otherwise app hangs. (icube with android 6.0)

Hi @vbier

Finally had time to do some general testing of the app on an actual tablet (not just AVD/emulator) and loving it! So far, I’m using it on my Cinema Controller tablet/remote (only tablet on >=6.0)

As mentioned before, I started a similar app also as my 1st android endeavor. I want to help as much as I can with this.

I have a couple of updates to suggest (ranging from “if time & effort was no issue” :slight_smile: to actual usability/enhancements. Would you prefer me to add these to the fork I created (not clutter your repo, https://github.com/txmiker/habpanelviewer/projects/1) or maintain in projects/issues on your project (and help maintain)?

Ex. One item I have added a quick fix for (example todo in link above) is on device boot, allowing/waiting for connectivity. The panel loads before the network is established and gets: Address Unreachable.

I did a quick fix for this but just putting in a 5sec delay before initial load.

Looking forward to your thoughts on working together.


I am open for collaboration. But i do not want to add things like sleep statements to the code. If you add a check for network connectivity and create a pull request I will merge this. It is better to have one APP with lots of features than different apps with different features. This also applies to everbody else.

Hi Volker

Thanks for this nice app. Unfortunately the “native” colorpicker aCKolor style (modal picker) does not work:
Would it be possible to enaple this widget?

I have just pushed an updated version that makes the aCKolor color picker work.

wow, thank you, it works!

I have Old android 4.4 tablette will it work ?

It currently requires Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later.

However, I’m currently modifying & testing to work with 4.1 or later. Some features will be unavailable unless the android level supports them of course. (Working on as time permits)


Another app update. The motion detection sensitivity is now configurable in the preferences. It has a preview showing where motion has been detected so you can tweak the values and see the results.

I also found out how to force the screen to stay on as long as the associated regexp is met.


update, as much as I would like to cover 4.1 for some of my own devices, It looks like 4.4 will be the best lowest android version to target.

This is mainly due to rendering incompatibilities in the android webview component (as well as security updates, ref: https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/webview/overview)

Been testing on 4.4 and appears to be working great. I’ll have a link for a test apk later today if anyone want to test it. I’ll also create a PR for these tweaks by the weekend. There have been several updates since the version I’ve been working against and would like to double-check with the latest changes.


Which browser is working better? Fully Kiosk Browser or this one?

Is this one lighter and faster than FKB?

Functionality of both is the same - if you only want to use Habpanel?

(FKB in PLUS Version is not for free)

Why not trying both of them?

For good, working software I always make a donation, even if it is free.

Here is the link if you want to test / play with this on Android 4.4 - 5.1. https://github.com/txmiker/habpanelviewer/blob/downgrade-test1/habpanelviewer-4.4-debug.apk

(if using Android 6.0 or later, use the main app at https://github.com/vbier/habpanelviewer/blob/master/app-debug.apk)

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are there any plans for an iOS Version?

Unfortunately, nothing could be reused and a new app would have to be written from ground up in a language that i do not know. I am still putting a lot of time into learning android development.

Besides, I am lacking the use case, as my ipad is always blocked by my kids playing games :wink: . So I am out, sorry.

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What about having a Look into React Native or NativeScript. Both will build iOS and Android app from the same source.

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I think the point that @vbier was making is not that it can’t be done but that he is still learning android development and what has already been done to date is platform specific therefore you’d be back to starting again.

Personally I’m not a mobile platform developer expert either, I just had a play for a few days with React/NodeJS and compiled to test a one or two page screen with random content. It wasn’t that challenging to do but it was a useless app and I certainly didn’t feel comfortably in control of what I was doing so back to the other point @vbier was making is it would still be a new language to him hence another learning curve.

I suspect if a cross platform version was to have any hope of getting started and then catching up to where this app is already at any time soon we need an experienced mobile developer. The cross platform tools are pretty impressive but they are also an abstraction layer and the app has some quite reasonable demands on the hardware around the motion detection and stuff so you need to be careful around the platform selection. You want ease of development but there’s a possibility you may also need to get under the hood with platform specific variations. An experienced mobile developer could probably advise whats best from their knowledge base but the rest of us would have to do that research before even starting.

Then we need to talk about who’s going to do release management and signing of any App you want to run on an iDevice through the App Store. The Android version can get away without it if apk installs are enable but I don’t think you can do that in Apples world, it has it’s advantages for security reasons but just adds more work to a project like this.

I suspect if someone could deliver a new project tomorrow or next week that was cross platform and contained the existing features already active in this one you might find the likes of @vbier may consider switching over to join in. But at the moment it looks like he’s put in a fair amount of effort to get this off the ground and he’s starting to see rewarding results and he doesn’t want to take a three to four month diversion to research, learn and rewrite.

Everything is possible :pray: but needs some additional resource to get hands on and start it or wait until…


I have a problem related to this app, i get the error "err_name_not_resolved
The same error when i try to reach openhab by firefox or chrome on my phone / tablet.

Yet when using my laptop / pc wired and wireless i have no problem.

What makes it different when reaching by phone/tablet or laptop ? and how to solve it ?