Hacking an old vivint system to be able to view remotely

I have Vivint for security, home automation and cameras. I just swapped my old SkyPanel (MP2) to a Smarhub.
Is it possible to take the old panel and set it up for monitoring without Vivint?

I am wanting to add a few more cameras around the house. I have their PING cameras and this MP2 panel.

IF it is possible, where would I start? I am wanting to be able to look at said cameras on the MP2 panel away from home.

Can you get a video stream off of the camera?

I tried for 2 years with no luck. The best I could get after going crazy with the cameras (jtag and hacked firmware) was laggy 5fps jpgs direct from camera. Vivint does their very best to lock you into their technology. I had the MP1 and never could get it to reliably do anything.

An alternative reading of this would be, “Vivent does their very best to ensure that their cameras are secure against hacking.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :wink: I’m sympathetic to you guys wanting to reuse equipment, but understand why Vivent would do their best to make it impossible.

My dealings with Vivint have been nothing but a cash grab. We got security AND solar from them. They locked us into a 5 year contract for security and 20 for solar. They “retired” their security equipment after 1 year, most of the functions stopped working. They refused to replace it with the new supported equipment but kept us locked into the contract with 2/3rds of the functionality gone. Then our solar started failing, We kept getting billed, but since their equipment went offline due to problems we no longer got our power generation credits from PG&E so we got billed double. Fought it for several years finally had to get lawyers involved when they refused to fix/replace the broken leased equipment and then destroyed our roof removing the crap. We ended up with dead vivint security equipment (they didn’t even want it back) so that is when I went down the road to try and salvage SOMETHING.

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Ugh, that’s brutal. Really sorry to hear about your horrible experience.

On the flip side, we later got the Xfinity/Comcast security, and granted they get a bad rep as a company on whole, They supported and replaced anything that broke, or stopped being supported under the contract. I now have a fully offline system because I wanted to get a way from re-occuring high costs, I was satisfied with everything Comcast/Xfinity provided EXCEPT the price.

I guess then you could try and root the camera or see if anyone else has.

I managed to get the Vivint Cameras working, with blue iris and Home assistant.
I think the principals will be the same for openhab.

Details here:

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Which I’d be ok with if they didn’t make me purchase this equipment which is now very expensive paperweights.

How did you swap the SkyPanel with Smarthub? I got a used Smarthub but I’m still looking into ways to replace my old SkyPanel with no luck. Even tried Vivint support and they refused to support me since I didn’t buy the equipment from them. I appreciate your advice.

Don’t feel bad, They do the same for the people that DID buy the equipment from them.

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Hello, Do you know what is factory default user name and password for the vivint cameras?