"Hager KNX easy" compatibility

Hi all,

I just learned about Hager KNX easy. The components seem to be 100% KNX ETS compatible, only thing is, you’ll program the components with a proprietary Hager software.

Is there anything I should consider when building a smart home based on “easy” if I intend to use Openhab with it later on?

Thanks a lot!

I don’t think that Hager KNX easy will work easily with openHAB :wink: You will need a special programming tool. Hager sold KNX tebis which wasn’t compatible either, because there was no way to get knowledge of the group addresses, which you will need to get access to the actors and sensors.
In fact the brochure of Hager KNX easy mentions, that an easy installation can be imported in ETS to grow, so there will be limits (probably low :wink: ) though I can be totally wrong :smile:

Thank you!

What do you thin: if I could get my hands on an ETS license of a friend just to read out the addresses, what kind of hardware would I need to bind it to OpenHab, then?

Would any IP gateway do the job? I could not find any further specs for the KNX easy gateway…

I’m considering whether it’d make sense to start with easy, read it out through ETS and then bind it to the “easy gateway” that is already installed…

:slight_smile: You will need a knx ip gateway with KNXnet/IP routing or tunneling mode (e.G. http://www.weinzierl.de/index.php/de/alles-knx1/knx-devices/knx-ip-interface-730 or http://www.hager.de/gebaeudesystemtechnik/gebaeudesystemtechnik-knx-ets/ip-router-und-gateway-knx/tyf120/11546.htm
There is a significant price difference between those two gadgets, but no difference in function :wink:

In question of knx easy: If you can get hands on an ETS license, maybe it would make more sense to build a fully compatible system with true knx and do the programming through ETS, sure your friend would be eager to help :slight_smile: at least I would, the more tinker, the better… :wink:

After a short time of learning and tinkering, knx will be pretty stable and changes will be rare. You can save your project and maybe later buy your own ETS licence - remember you didn’t need to buy expensive proprietary software and hardware…

Thanks a lot.

(I did not receive any notification about your update, please excuse the late reaction)

I guess, that’s the way to go then. He showed me a bit of the GUI and it looks very much straight forward (I have some coding expericence, which should help).

Thanks again!