Ham Radio

Bonjour - Hello to all,

I’m new to OpenHab - Just started 2 weeks again and having fun (RPI commands, SenseHat, GPIO etc…) I was wondering if there are any Ham Radio operator out there using OpenHab. I want to see what are the possibilities to expand this great tool for Ham Radio fields. I see multiple areas like Astronomical data, Radio Propagation, Satellite tracking, OpenWRT etc…



Hello Francois, I am not a ham operator but wanted to welcome you to the OpenHAB community!

Hi Francois .
Welcome To the community & OpenHAB. just a welcome. Not a Ham user. but might be oneday.

Thank you Andrew for the welcome… Will be exploring Openhab more as I go along.


Thank you Allen. Give it a try to get you license. You will find that we have alots of fascinating areas to explore. We are using the Raspberry Pi with Asterisk to link our VHF and UHF repeaters over microwave in our area.

Sounds like you will be breaking new ground. I’m not a Ham operator but know enough to know you will probably be able to get OH to do what you want without problem. But if you do, will be happy to help!

As you experiment, please post tutorials. Not only does it give you a change to show off, but you just might create a new openHAB Ham community. :grin:

Allo Rich,

Thanks - Once, I get into high gear - I will indeed post what ever I was able to accomplish. Have a great day from Québec.



Once-was Ham operator (zr6pow) but not turned a radio on for a number of years. Quite out of touch.

I would be interested in what ideas you have and that are unique. Happy to pick the hobby back up again.


Hello Crispin,

I still see you on QRZ - From South Africa… For now, I want to gather my ideas on how we could use OH… It is still in the embrayony stage…

Cheers 73

Welcome Francois,

I only use OH passingly as I’m more focussed on another device/app but interested in any application for Ham radio. I used to be very active but it all got a bit noisy so rarely on air now.

73’s Kevin


I am DG4ZV not using Openhab in conjunction with Ham radio perhaps there are some interessting combinations…

Here is one more HAM. Not that active in the last time, though. But I listen to the bands sometimes and have an eye on the hamnet development in germany.

Hello everyone. I was researching combining magic mirror design with ham radio applications. Then I remembered my installed openhab system. I guess no one has worked on this subject before.

  1. TA3ONK - Onur